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Incorporated in 2010 to make impact in cash cropping and agro allied services, Santuscom Agro Hub is a symbol of the group’s commitment to the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy which remains the main stay of the generality of Nigerians.

Santuscom Agro Hub is a solely Nigerian company with corporate head office in Abuja. The company is involved in the production and packaging of farm products and processing of agro-allied products so as to assist in the growth of the agricultural sector of the Nigerian economy.

Agriculture which is the most important sector in the Nigerian economy employs 60% of Nigerians, and contributes up to 35% of the country’s GDP. Agriculture remains the mainstay of the generality of Nigerians though largely at the subsistence level. As in many other African countries, agriculture in Nigeria is mostly focused on food crops for the domestic market, given the Nigerian population estimated at 150 million people and in spite of this reality, Nigeria remains a net importer of food.

Santuscom Agro Hub has been able to explore and make an impact in cash cropping, massively developing and expanding its farmlands up till date. Today, the farm is a forward-integrated agro-allied company under Santuscom Group.

Its main thrust is farm management and partnership, food production and marketing, integrated rice farming, fishery and aquaculture, training and empowerment, animal husbandry and agro commerce. Santuscom is also involved in the production and packaging of food, beverages, and processing of agro allied products.

Presently consisting of a large expanse of rice plantation’s, poultry and fish ponds at different stages of maturity in Cross River State, the company is also set to expand her frontiers outside the state.

Santuscom currently employs workers of various grades and plans to double the number when the extension program of the agro hub is fully implemented. Santuscom is among the top medium scale companies in Nigeria with a tremendous steady growth in the industry. Over the years, the company have built a very solid reputation and profile spreading through every sector of the Nigerian economy.

In a recent chat with SolomonIsland, the group Chairman/President Chief Paul Santus said, “we strongly believe that commodity export which is one of our major areas of business does not face any threat of technological/product obsolescence in the near future. We foresee continuous growth over the coming years, though our basic export commodities require a massive storage facility in order to meet export requirements of both local and foreign customers, we need to stock adequate quantities of an entire range of commodities”.

“Also our ability to have adequate quantities of commodities is to ensure very competitive prices, availability of supplies and of course acceptable quality levels required by the multinationals. This has been our strength over the years and we will continue to build on this. We will substantially invest in IT and ensure all critical areas of operations such as inventory planning, costing, sales and personnel are computerized and contribute towards the efficient running of the company, with a well staffed office that looks after the company’s sales and marketing efforts locally and internationally, in addition to overseeing the importation, exportation, clearing and transportation of raw materials”.

The market for Santuscom products is increasing on a daily basis making it is even more difficult to meet the demands of the local retailers its environs. Despite the challenges faced in the industry, Santuscom Agro Hub is desirous not to lower its standards but instead improved on its services to customers by trying to understand each customer’s needs through its persistent sales representatives who monitor the progress of the market, get feedback from customers concerning its products, and give feedback to management. Each product is designed to fit the needs of each customer.

To be one of the leading players in the agro-allied industries in Nigeria so as to be able to provide the customer with quality products by using the right crop varieties, farm management techniques and sustained quality.

To create wealth and redistribute maximum wealth through sustainable agricultural methods.

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