The  DG Generation-Next, Justin-charles Ilefa have stated that the rumoured automatic tickets for National and State Assembly lawmakers under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party is anti democratic, outdated and clannish. Justin Ilefa made his position known today at a protest rally at the Peoples Democratic Party secretariat at Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar in Cross River State.



Speaking at the rally, he made it loud and clear that as a people who believe in party discipline and cohesion, we will not succumb to a system where our leaders are produced through coercion, abuse of due electoral, executive rascality, autocratic sharp practices, imposition, impunity

“Democracy thrives well when transparent party politics, internal party mechanism and social democratic tenets of justice and acceptability are the practiced to the later.


“A situation where candidates are forced on the people is anti democratic and is always riddled with dissatisfaction by party faithfuls leading to mass exodus.

“We cannot go back to the days of impunity as a Senatorial District. Our yearnings for a proactive and viable leadership cannot be sacrificed at the alter of such reckless abuse of power in a democracy.

“Cross River North cannot afford to entrust the Senatorial position to candidates that the overwhelming majority of her supporters are disenchanted and aggrieved. We do not need such crude and outdated ways of electing leaders in the 21st century.


“The party stakeholders and other aspirants have resounded their outright rejection of automatic tickets loud and clear. They have reechoed their insistence on the affirmative of their inalienable rights to aspire”.



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