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At first I thought it was a rumour but until I saw it on NTA network news yesterday. The idea of automatic tickets to all National Assemblies and state house members declared by the cross state chapter of the PDP is not new in the political landscape of Nigeria. But this one has come to all especially PDP adherents and aspirants as a shock. This is so because at a time when the party is expected to step up its game and redeem its lost image it has once again show us the a leopard can never change it skin colour. This action, sadly as it is, demonstrates that PDP is the proverbial “ancient of days” even with the wind of change that swept it out of power in 2015.

Why this unpopular and unacceptable decision? Because, firstly, PDP is an unrepentant elitist fraternity characterise with the reign of impunity. Also at the level of the automatic returned representatives they have woefully underperformed. Thus they can’t stand a viable competition. The state party too have been starved of funding making the party excos merely stooges to the government that dish out strategically unviable decisions. No wonder I had always argue that POVERTY is a deliberate state policy to keep the people always under control, sadly. Therefore, at this point party executives just have to recoup what ever losses they have incurred and make little savings for the dark days, which will definitely come again. But all these points to the fact that the nefariousness and notoriously primitive political strategies of the party haven’t taken a leap from same old ways that brought it down at the national level. The state party sagacity and indigent Confidance on winning the 2019 elections should learn history lessons of 2015.

The implication of this inept decision will definitely cause injuries to the party at this critical time. Especially at the time when oppositional politics is waxing strong and strengthening its internal party squabbles to present a more competent and credible alternative. I see an inevitable Implosion within the PDP. This will weaken its strength and chance in the coming elections. This action also tells us more about the impunity and flagrant dearth of political strategies in the PDP. It will also starve the delegates of the pecuniary benefit of party primaries. Already the party is struggling to convince Cross Riverians to reelecting them. The only viable way that they should have salvaged itself was to at least present a credible, transparent and free and fair primaries. This the party in its (un)wisdom have decided otherwise. The time is short for conflicts resolution to bring effective cohesion within the party, this the PDP should know.

A stitch in time saves nine they say and the party must redefine its strategies and reposition itself to compete favourably in 2019. Representatives shouldn’t be scared to compete at primaries if they’ve performed. The party should bear in mind that there won’t be automatic tickets in 2019. Therefore to keep its relevance she must maintain the sacredness of internal party democracy. The wishful thinking of a clean sweep in 2019 by CRS PDP is far worst than political delusions. The party has lost or losing contact with realities. This level of cognitive dissonance displayed by this decision will be the party’s own undoing. They may have the money to throw around but definitely not the brain to draft a sellable and strategically invaluable strategies to win the 2019 elections.

Let the State PDP make hays while the sun shines.
I have my PVC!
I also have an indomitable voice too!!
God bless Cross River State!!!

Augustine Aboh is a Geopolitics and Security Expert of the Department of Political Science, University of Calabar, Calabar.

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