Ogbia group condemns attacks on Ogbia Leader

The Odionin Ogbia Forum , a socio-political group, has condemned the attacks on Bayelsa State prominent traditional ruler, King A.J Turner, and the lawmaker representing Ogbia constituency one in the state Assembly, Mietama Obodor of anti-party activities, by a group known as the Ogbia PDP Renaissance, which accused the Traditional ruler and some  leaders of Ogbia Local Government Area of working against the interest of the PDP ahead of the 2019 general elections.
In a statement Saturday, signed by Otobo Osborn the Forum  said those hiding under the membership of PDP to malign the person and office of King A.J Turner  must not forget that democracy cannot obliterate traditions and cultural privileges.
“We wish to condemn in its entirety, the desperate attempt by some self serving politicians in Ogbia local government, to drag His Majesty, King AJ Turner into some petty politicking, which from all indications, is selfishly aimed at casting aspersions on the good name and integrity of the paramount traditional ruler, by falsely accusing him, of sponsoring candidates in other political parties to challenge PDP candidates in the coming elections. We therefore condemn this uncharitable accusation by the Ogbia PDP Renaissance and as we demand  for apologies on behalf of our people and the Traditional institution.”
The Odionin Ogbia Forum,  insisted that the King Turner remains a father figure, to the entire Ogbia community and politicians, and will not in anyway, interfere unnecessarily, in how candidates are produced by the political parties, talk less of sponsoring candidates from one political party or the other, especially when he considers, the goodwill and cordial relationship, that has been enjoyed by His people, under the PDP administrations, in Bayelsa State.
“It is therefore mischievous to label King as working against the PDP, especially when the power to decide who flies the flag of the party, does not fall, within his powers, as a traditional ruler.
“The revered stool of paramount ruler of our kingdom and the present occupant cannot be subjected to public disparage under an intangible democratic right that fails to understand and accommodate our cultural disposition. We hope every negative campaign will stop henceforth.” the statement read

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