2019 ELECTIONS & THE BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF CR-NORTH; Beyond Party Lines.. By Ikpen Ilefa

The characteristic vice of the Utopian is naivety. The virtue of the realist, is possibility.

The reality of the 2019 elections battle as it relates to Ogoja/Yala and most importantly Northern Cross River is finally dawning upon us. The contestation for power or if you like service, is becoming heightened. Alignments and re-alignments are taking place.

The essence of every democratic election is to ensure that the people are represented in the Executive and Legislative arms of government by those they have supported in free and fair elections. Interestingly, the people are becoming more political conscious and diverse, that 2019 is about candidate not party. In such cogent reasoning, the people are of the opinion that political parties don’t vote, it is the people that do.

Build from the above logical and reasonable grounds to go for individuals not party, is the advent of a support group with the name PDP YOUTH FRONTIERS, seeking support for Mr. Wabilly Nyiam and Mr. Jude Ogbeche Ngaji.

This development obviously leaves us to say that, accurate diagnosis is critical to a successful course of action and proceeding with medication without proper diagnosis is fraught with error, if not danger 🔴. That is why, a diagnosis of what the problem is, must be the first step in political engineering towards achieving success.

Conversely, there is a different face of the battle going on for the soul of Ogoja/Yala as well as Northern Cross River State. A gab has been rightly and clearly identified, interpreted by some as the need for an Ogoja Senate, and a Yala Reps. And having identified Sir. Wabilly Nyiam of Ogoja for Senate and Mr. Jude Ogbeche Ngaji of Yala for Reps, the PDP YOUTH FRONTIERS feel it is politically expedient to support such a course, which naturally calms the agitation ignored by her party.

To this end, a solidarity rally after due consultation from opinion moulders and the security is slated for:

Date: Wednesday, the 23rd of October, 2018.
Time: 10:am prompt.
Venue: Ogoja.

The general public, in support of a balance history are by this notification invited.

Ikpen Ilefa is a Public Affairs Commentator, Social Crusader and Strategic Political Development Analyst .