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Hon Peter Odey, member representing Ogoja State constituency in the Cross River State House of Assembly has said that he believes in young people because they are the future of Ogoja and Cross River State.

In a release obtained made available to Solomon Island, the lawmaker who just won his primary reelection bid to the assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party said the business of legislation needs sound minds, bright and smart people who understand legislative business and how it works for the common good of everyone; saying that is what he has been doing over the last three(3) years as Congressman.

“We can do better, we cannot afford to let our people down. Our mothers, fathers, young and old people deserve to live in a decent society. As Congressman, it behoves on me to continue to promote and speak for the Ogoja people.

“It is my (our) responsibility to make sure that we advance with the speed of light. It should be about progress. It should not be about myself but the Ogoja People”.

“We have raised the stakes so high and our constituency is the envy of many today in Cross River State. That we give glory to God for his goodness, wisdom and mercy.

“The power of making Ogoja walk to progress and prosperity is in our hands and we must use it right by shaping our collective destinies for good.

He reiterated by saying he believes in young people because they are the future of Ogoja and Cross River State.

“Young people must make right decisions and contribute meaningfully in our governance system. I am so glad we have very exceptional young men and women in Cross River and indeed Ogoja that are making us proud with their quality and intellectual contributions.

“Young people have the power to make things better. I am excited seeing how young people are getting involved in politics because they are the future of today and tomorrow.

“Let me state expressly that the greatest revolution we can have is through the young people. And I believe so much in the youthful energy of our youth and it must be channelled to positivity.

“The strength of any nation, state and society lies in our youth. I thank them for standing tall.

“My dear people, the good work we have started is one we cannot afford to stop half way. I am so committed in fixing our problems. I seek your support, prayers, so that we can make things better for our people by making speedy and accelerated progress.

On the last election, he said although it was absolutely remarkable, but the next election can be better so that we can consolidate our good works. That is why he is soliciting the  support of everyone to return back to the Cross River House of Assembly so that the work he has started can be completed well.

“I will continue to protect our people and her interest. Let’s keep Ogoja working together”.