This is Tijani Ahmed Faruk, a medical doctor at a public hospital in Sokoto State who sedated and raped a married patient in Sokoto State.

News have it that he has thrown the Sokoto medical community into grief after confessing to raping a his patient, a married woman after administering sedative injection on her.

Mr Faruk took both the code of medical ethics in Nigeria and the Hippocratic Oath to the cleaners when he invited his patient on the pretext of further medical examination but ended up raping her.

Please the general public especially women ( Single and Married) are advised to be mindful of the doctors they visit for medical examination, as some of these doctors are highly sexually randy with a very high uncontrollable libido.

Although there are no known cases of female doctors doing same to their male patients, investigations are ongoing to unravel similar unethical practices by the females against the males. For now let’s be mindful to the later.