A lady by name Agnes Ayamba who lost her child due to the professional negligence, misconduct and ineptitudeness of the staff of the Teaching Hospital Calabar has taken to her Facebook timeline to fume and vent her grievances.

According to Mrs Ayamba, her baby’s case was a mismanaged case of cord round the neck..

She said the doctors and midwives on duty so called professionals carelessly dragged her daughter out and accidentally strangled her to death. Unknowingly to her they took her to the oxygen unit and to my greatest disappointment they came up with a cover up story that it was due to prolonged labor. I labored for 13hrs.

When I learnt about the truth I was so devastated and frustrated, and felt like suing them but I thought of their life and profession plus I didn’t intend to make my money that way.

They cut my baby’s life short and gave her their own. She was never healthy again. She was left to struggle with her life; I couldn’t help her but cry. The annoying thing is how I was made to spend unnecessarily on test and medicine for what they were not even sure of the outcome. They gambled with my daughter’s life. Her case became a research case to them and I was made to spend all of my money, time and all because of how determined I was to save her life but I thank God for the strength.

My baby’s life was cut short; my Lemon pink baby. I intend to officially allow her spirit to rest today. RIP… my little Emmanuella… Angels will raise you to become a saint. For the time we spent together, for you my wedding color is Lemon Pink…#Reston.

Recall that of recent the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital has been in the news for the wrong reasons. It is a known fact that the once prestigious teaching hospital has now become a shadow of itself with all the attendant negativities.