This morning I saw on my Facebook page this guy that wrote his nonsensical question asking between Ojukwu and Nnamdi Kanu who is the peoples’ hero. I have been remniscent of the resurged Biafra agitation that IPOB with Nnamdi Kanu their Leader for the past two weeks to ask what these people know about Biafra and what has become their driving force particularly after some women who are resident in London cursed me out and called me even a saboteur.

My questions to these agitators and their followers particularly those their parents were not born in the sixties;

1. What do you know and what did your parents tell you about the massacre of 30,000 Easterners in Northern Nigeria in 1966?

2. What do you know about what happened in Kakuri Girls High School in Kaduna where the barbaric vandals separated all Igbo girls in that school and brought in their leprous afflicted to make them have sex with these girls? What can you all now tell me that we went to war with only 300 bolt action riffles,

3. What can you, the present agitators, know about my late wife who was a Registered Nurse in Lagos University teaching hospital who was on a bus when the barbaric vandals had asked all the Igbos on the bus to get down for interdiction and when she refused to go down a Yoruba woman pointed at her that she was a kobokobo and another Yoruba nurse stepped in to say no that she was Yoruba and they asked her to say some thing in Yoruba which she did and they left her alone.

What do you know about the incident between Afor Igwe Ogidi and Iyi-Enu hospital when the vandals dislodged the 64 Brigade that Major Osuagwu commanded and left the 29 battalion open to the advancing vandal army and I was by an iroko tree to see what next we needed to do to stave this incident and this woman of about 36 years had with her, her daughter of about 13 years old when she unknowingly ran into the vandals and a vandal captain yanked her daughter away from her and started unzipping his pants to rape the little girl and her mother started to cry that she was only a child and the vandal captain drew his shotgun and shot her dead. I was watching and told my batman that it was his life or that of the vandal captain’s and he sure did the job required of him.

What do you mockers know because you all were there when the vandal country made a broadcaste over the BBC that they were about four miles to Nnewi, Ojukwu’s home town, and he came to us at Nkpor junction to find out what was going on and I said to him ” see for yourself” because for four days we had held our ground and the vandals lost about a battalion of soldiers trying to close up the corridor to Otu-Ocha that was the Biafra bread basket.

What, do I recount about Biafra’s ingenuity in manufacturing our war equipment, refined our petrol and administering a full government.

What do you all know about the roles of the British government, the US. conniving role to make sure Biafra failed and even the communist Russia taking sides with the West and the role of the Egyptian Airforce and even the Organization of Africa.

Tell me, where you there and why would you insult me and call me names? I have said enough. If you are IPOB leader or member please answer me these questions then if you can, I will give you the rights to abuse me.

Rev. Bob Obi is a Social Critic and Public Affairs Analyst.

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