The past few days has brought the issue of poor parenting and it’s negative impact on the child and the larger society to the fore. Poor parenting is the major cause behind moral decadence and not a failing education system as some would want us to believe.

Parents are messing with the future of their children with over pampering gestures devoid of discipline. They are sparing the rod, which spoils the child as the Bible posited. Which also contradicts the saying, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

The school is not blame here for the many inappropriate behaviours of students. Haven’t you heard of cases where, when students are being disciplined by their teachers, parents will storm the school to petition the teachers and even demand their sack?

In my candid opinion parents are to blame for the growing misdemeanor of children in schools and the society today. You will hear them say ‘I will tell my daddy’ or ‘I will tell my mummy’. The non-challant and carefree attitudes of parents towards their children’s moral upbringing is worrisome and alarming.

It is time we channel the blame to the right direction to get the unfortunate situation rightly and quickly addressed, and stop pushing it to the school authorities and teachers.

Today’s parents in their avowed attempt and claim to give their children the best, leave caution to the wind and instead create the avenue for their children to get entangled and exposed to lasciviousness, immorality and various abuses – drug and have become inflamed and deranged.

Would you also blame the church and it’s leaders who teach such children on Sunday’s and other fellowship days within the week? Are there no cases where youth leaders become estranged with parents because such youths were sharply rebuked for putting up an ungodly behaviour in dressing, make up and bad language. And some of the youths have become disobedient to their youth leaders because of the wrong backing and support they receive from their parents?

Today’s parents in their bid to make ends meet, leave home early for work and business and don’t have the much needed time to play their parental roles in the lives of their children, and even when the church or school attempts to fill in the gap there get queried by the ‘loving’ parents.

Parents in their so called bid to make their children comfortable get them all kinds of digital devices and gadgets and careless to check the contents of those gadgets, filled with all kinds of dirty stuff beyond your imagination. Dirty stuffs that pollute, corrupt and defile.

Parents can’t even talk to their children again, no wonder many return home from their waka about and return home in ungodly hours, tell all manners of lies to defeat parents discipline that is no longer invoke.

While growing, I still remember how we all dread mom’s voice and spank. She doesn’t spare the rod, no neighbour dares cuddle us when we run to them, because she will change it with that neighbour ooo. We all must be at home at a particular time. Even though she is not well schooled she will still find time from her busy schedule to ask for our assignment, check our test scores and results. She has a standard, you will return home crying if you fall short of that standard. Today’s parents even bribe to get admission as well as bribe to up grades for their children.

This is a wake up call to all parents to turn a new leaf. Repent of their unfaithfulness towards the moral upbringing of their children. Renew their commitment to care and watch the children and bring them up in the fear of God.

Parents must know that God entrusted the care of these children to them to prepare them, mold them and inject them with the morals that will carry them through life and by extension make the society a better place for all as well as get them prepared for a long eternity.

Parents wake up!

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