Our Members Don’t Engage in Illegalities: NYCN to the Self Appointed CBT President

Our attention at the Secretariat of the National Youth Council of
Nigeria has been drawn to certain falsehoods being peddled by
one Maxwell Akwuruoha, who is parading himself as the purported
President of the Computer Based Centers Proprietors Association in
Nigeria, against the person of the Registrar of Joint Admission and
Matriculations Board, Prof. Is’haq Oloyede and on the Integrity of
the teeming Nigerian Youth.

In a Press Conference organized by the Leadership of the NYCN,
The Council President; Amb Sukubo Seraigbe Sukubo said, Maxwell
Akwuruoha, whose status as a self -appointed President of a body
of CBT Centers’ Owners has been summarily denied by several
proprietors of CBT Centers dared to suggest that Prof. Oloyede was
executing a plot “to undermine CBT operators to build JAMB mega
centers across the country”.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria has been a worthy partner of
JAMB and had worked alongside Prof. Ishaq Oloyede in reforming
the hitherto badly run drainpipe that JAMB had become under
previous leadership, while consolidating on the migration to the use
of technology, even at a time some beneficiaries of the old order
were claiming that Nigeria is not ripe for technology-based testing.
Nigerians are aware of the more transparent manner in which the
examinations are now conducted and results disseminated, as
attested to by the broad range of stakeholders that are involved in
the process on different levels of supervision and observation, which
the NYCN has actively participated.

Without even going into describing the person of Prof. Is’haq
Oloyede, who is well known for his unwavering dedication to
defending and promoting the laws in every capacity he has served
in the Nigerian public service, it must be put on record that the said
Akwuruoha is a questionable character and lacks the locus standing
to speak on behalf of CBT operators in Nigeria. It is a verifiable fact
that he is not currently an owner of a CBT Center, having been
blacklisted for serially and intentionally violating the rules of
engagement as provided by JAMB.

For such a questionable character to purport to speak on behalf of such group, with a noble assignment in helping to mold the Nige ria’s leaders of tomorrow, is a travesty of all known principles of justice and fairness.

It is a matter of public knowledge that the management of JAMB
had exercised its right, in the interest of preserving the integrity of its
processes, to ask erring centers in a clear breach of express
procedural instructions they had been given. For anybody, no less
a serial violator of JAMB rules who had been so punished
appropriately, suggest that it was a witch -hunt born of sinister
motives is an unpatriotic act that is tantamount to an attempt to
undermine and circumvent the best interests of the long -term
sustainability of the state.

While we acknowledge that there were some errors, on the part of
JAMB’s technical services provider, as happens from time to time
even under the watch of technology giants, there is no excuse for
the CBT operators to have circumvented the process and
capitalize on the loophole to exploit Nigerian youth and “alleged
that the fraud was committed to allowing innocent Young Nigerians
meet up deadlines” The CBT operators involved should count
themselves lucky that they were only axed from JAMB and that
they were not sued for attempting to smear and defame the
the good name of JAMB as an organization.

The National Youth Council frowns at the self -serving attempt by Akwuruoha to drag
the Nigerian youths into his well deserved travails and shall not tolerate any attempt, under whatsoever guise, to use the interests of the youth of Nigeria to advance personal interests by people who lack credibility. The management of JAMB, for the record, has performed creditably well and given the organization a human face, while making it easier for all stakeholders to access the Board that in turn onboard and resolve them satisfactorily.
Therefore, the National Youth Council considers the position sold to the public by Maxwell Akwuruoha as repugnant to natural justice, equity, and good conscience.

It is necessary for the management of JAMB and the legitimate CBT Centres’ owners to take further steps in stripping Maxwell Akwuruoha of his pretenses and attempt to speak on behalf of law-abiding CBT Centres’ owners across the country.

This will serve as deterrence to others who might want to toe the unwholesome and puerile steps of Maxwell Akwuruoha to undermine the interest of a national examination body and take undue advantage of Nigerian youths.