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Sir Benedict Bengioushuye Ayade is a Nigerian politician and the current governor of Cross River State since 29 May 2015.

He ran successfully for the office of governor in April 2015 on the platform of People’s Democratic Party and since then he has been unsuccessfully trying to govern the state. Before that, he was a member of the 7th Senate of Nigeria where he performed excellently; even as a first term Senator.

Born 2nd March, 1968 (age 53 years), he is a Professor of Environmental Microbiology, a Lawyer and a knight of the Catholic Church. He has been struggling to fulfil the social contract he entered into with Cross Riverians six years ago. Has he kept Faith? Yes, Ayade has kept faith, he puts Cross Riverians first but his efforts hasn’t yield enough.

The governor attested to the above last year when he dramatically broke down in “tears” and said before the world:

“I never knew that five years into office as governor I will still find somebody who could live in a thatch house in Cross River State. I am almost crying because I knew how prepared I was but it didn’t end the way I dreamed for the state.”

From the above lamentation, Ayade’s admission that he has failed couldn’t be more unequivocal. And his last sentence, wherein he says: “it didn’t end the way I dreamed for the state”, is a resignation that clearly suggests that with two years left to go, the governor has a lot to do to remedy his lamentations.

From his 2016: N350 billion Budget of Deep Vision,
2017: N707 billion Budget of Infinite Transposition, 2018: N1.3 trillion Budget of Kinetic Crystallisation
2019: N1.043 trillion =Budget of Quabalistic Densification, 2020: N1.1 trillion Budget of Olimpotic Meristemasis to the current 2021: N282 billion Budget of ‘Blush and Bliss’ budget, Cross Riverians are yet to feel the direct impacts of all the huge figures and grammar.

On your birthday Sir, I congratulate you as a gentleman governor with deep vision, courage and charisma, and a consummate politician of our time vested with superlative skills of transboundary politics.

I pray that your new age will herald a new chapter of Triple V: Value, Vigour and Vehemence in your determination to rewrite the wrongs of the past to steer the ship of Cross River State and her people to greater heights before 2023.

I join Cross Riverians to wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns.

Congratulations Sir, from all of us @


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