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Ochiche Queeneth: How I was kidnapped at Area One, Abuja


A lady who hails from Bekwarra Local Government Area of Cross River State and based in Abuja with Facebook name Ochiche Queeneth has recounted how she was kidnapped last Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at the popular Area One under bridge while trying to pick a carb to Gwarinpa at about 11am on the fateful day.


Before she was released and dumped at an unknown village in Gwagwalada they had stripped her of all her belongings, including phone, three gold chains, 2 ATM and withdrawal of all the monies in her bank accounts.

She said, “On Tuesday I was going to Gwarinpa after my neighbour dropped me, so I saw a small baby crying at Area 1 under bridge, so I asked him why he was crying, the baby said he was hungry, I ask him about his mother, he said he don’t know where his mother was, so I decided to give him money to go get food, as I was trying to remove money from my bag two guys came and started dragging me so I was trying to explain to them that the boy said he was hungry and I’m trying to help him with some money to get food because I was thinking they taught I wanted to kidnap the boy or something but before I could say anything one of them started pointing a gun at me and asked me to keep quiet or he will shot me so I got scared and kept quiet.

“This was around 11am and they draged me into the car and left and only for me to find myself on Sunday evening by roadside in one village in Gwagwalada around 9pm after they collected everything from me, my phones, my 3gold chain, my 2 ATM cards and removed all the money in my accounts.”

She recalled that, they were just pressuring me to give them my family numbers to call, I told them my dad don’t have a phone and he is in the village. I don’t know what happened my phones suddenly couldn’t come on for them to get numbers from my phones. As I told them I only know my phone number by heart. They beat me up to release my ATM pin numbers and threatened to shoot me if the numbers are not correct. I thank God they didn’t hurt me more than the beating before I was released on Sunday.

She noted that since then she her friends and relatives as well as neighbour have been apprehensive as her whereabouts were unknown and she was unreachable. Adding that she was in the bank yesterday to check her account and found out it’s empty.

She urged Nigerians to be wary of Area one and those who appear pitiable along the streets. She also called on the police and other security agencies to improve on their surveillance around area and it’s environs to save lives and property of unsuspecting members of the public from activities of criminal elements who are devising new means everyday.

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