As Christians across the World, mark the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I wish to, through this medium, convey my felicitations to the good People of Ogoja/ Yala Federal Constituency and the God fearing People of Cross River North.

You have all remained undaunted in the face of ruthlessness and brutishness. This is so, because you all belief in the omnipotence of God and not in the transient powers, ephemeral connections or arbitrary financial acquisition of any mortal.

I deliberately will not share money to the political structure, but we will reach out to the less privileged and the needy, this Easter. I implore all of us to make sacrifices for once and pray fervently for our emancipation and enduring prosperity, in terms of Infrastructure and Human Capital Development.

I assure you of my commitment to bringing the dividends of Democracy to our people. I am poised to doing better this year and it will be a year of more tangible Projects and proper empowerment. You must not be on your knees to receive any empowerment item. It is your right to benefit as a Constituent. There’s a difference between servitude and humility. Our poverty should not be used as a weapon against us. We are not lazy but we have a failed system. Our people are so oppressed and it is having a negative effect on their psychological disposition.

I ask for your prayers at this trying point, so I can deliver. Finally, May God grant the desires of only those who are selfless and ready to serve the “People”. We also pray not to get what we do not deserve but for what we deserve, may God protect it. Let us continue reflecting on, Lam3:36&37.

A very blissful Easter to all Christians.

Rt Hon Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe


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