About fortnight now, I’ve been quite engulfed with miscellaneous rites patterning to the solemnization of holy matrimony between me and my heartthrob. The conjugal activities along its sundry obligations didn’t accord me the space and chance to lend my voice to happenings in politics and…

A lot had happened in my state, Cross River. Some of the happenings didn’t come as things of surprise to me. Prominent on the front burner was the word-war between erstwhile governor of Cross River State, Liyel Imoke and his predecessor, Donald Duke.

Few days ago, while enjoying in the euphoria of honeymoon, I took a casual stroll through cyberspace; flipping through pages and glancing posts on few social media platforms to be abreast with the latest events. I stumbled upon Calitown publication where Mr. Donald Duke aired out his views about the rot and malfeasance in governance as it relates to Cross River State and his successor. It was a lethal uppercut at Imoke.

As I read further, I came across Imoke’s rebuttal. It was another epical thunderbolt. Duke was hurled 10ft above sea level to the chagrin of many. Since then, many including the apologists of the former leaders and commentators have gone to town with new releases in defense of their bosses.

Yesterday, a senior political associate of mine called to know my take on this matter. My response was: “I’m not an admirer of the two warring old, tired, retired and squeezed out leaders…”

One thing I know is that, when Donald was holding the forte, every citizen of the state was proud to be called a Cross Riverian. If you lived in Lagos then, you’ll testify same. On the other hand, CRS under the superintendent of Liyel was a bumper harvest for political office holders.

My friend rated Donald above Liyel in the rank of achievement. I promised to check my archive on Liyel’s achievements in 8 years. Below are what I found, though not limited to them. In his administration, the state vaunted of:
1. General Electric (GE) worth ($1,000,000,000) one billion Dollar investment in a multi modern manufacturing equipment;
2. Wilma Plantations worth ($400,000,000) four hundred million Dollar oil plantation and processing facility;
3. Songhai Farm worth (N2,500,000,000) two billion, five hundred million Naira investment;
4. Dangote Farm (DANSA). Not sure of it worth;
5. Giant Cement (Honeywell) worth ($600,000,000) six hundred million Dollars investment;
6. Calabar International Conference Centre (CICC);
7. Brentex Petroleum worth ($600,000,000) six hundred million Dollars investment;
8. Artee industries (World class shopping mall) worth ($ 45,000,000) Dollars investment;
9. Spar Shopping mall.
10. Project Masters (Oil and gas fabrication) worth million Dollars;
11. Abitto Global Services (Oil and gas fabrication) worth million Dollars;
12. Eastern Premiere Feeds (Agro Feeds) worth million Dollars;
13. Ebonilfe TV;
14. 200 Housing Units at Golf Course of the Submit Hills Calabar;
15. Monorail;
16. Rural electrification projects and;
17. Construction of rural roads ( Ipollo, Ogba, Ijibollo, Apiapumtet roads in Yala LGA).

Though, some of the aforementioned are in the state of moribund convention. While others are gasping for air.

To be candid and fair, this is a sterling and impeccable achievements as compared to some of his counterparts and that of his predecessor whom centre of curvature in governance was directly focused on tourism ( Tinapa; EPZ, Obudu cattle ranch, Calabar carnival, Marina resort, beautification of Calabar metropolis and its environs, Rural development {Yakurr, Ikom, Obudu and Ogoja, etc} and the host of others).

In a nutshell, these two leaders should be brought to the village square and be flogged for throwing tantrums (stones) owing to the fact that both lives in glass houses. Again, they should apologize to the citizens for their numerous financial improprieties. Their actions and inactions have successfully landed us in the current political quagmire, social quaggy and leadership miry mess.

The residue of their political greed and idiosyncrasies is shamelessly manifesting abysmally. He’s junketing and perambulating across the globe, signing preposterous MoUs in the paraphernalia of kinetically crystallizing governance in the state.

The industrialization of the state as boasted is a mere concocted and jaundiced media disservice to humanity. Everything little is hyped. Good governance is far from the people. A depletion layer caused by poor leadership. For about 4 years since Mr. Ben Ayade took over the reins, local government election hasn’t been conducted. Everywhere is digital this and digital that, while in reality, we’re in analogue state.

Today, Duke is casting aspersions at Imoke for his perceived dearth of good governance and in turn, Imoke is raining the same measure of brimstone on him too for impoverishing the state before handing the Barton to him. Surprisingly, even the incumbent governor is sprinkling heaps of blames on his immediate predecessor of leaving the state ravaged by irredeemable debts. Is there any better way of washing their dirty linens in the public? The answer is negative.

Fellow Cross Riverians, friends and foes, would you sit and applaud these quintessential ravens? Did you know that their aims and objects in our state’s politics centred on their wellbeing alone? Won’t you rather join us to conjoin forces to retire and squeeze them out? Haven’t they failed us enough? How long should we continue to be messed it? Our backs are long bent and they’re riding on them. We got to stand up and chase them out of government house.

We got the best chance to act,
It’s a golden chance,
Would you fret it? No!
This is our chance!

Comr. Ogar, Emmanuel Oko
State Secretary, Young Progressives Party(YPP).

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