We the aggrieved contestants write in line with the just inconclusive Northfest Pageant that was held on the 26th day of Oct 2018 in CRUTECH Ogoja Campus.

Whereas the contest was declared inconclusive due to the incoherent and inability of the “said” judges to deliver accurate result to the audience hence, the eruption of chaos by the audience that led to the end of the event

Whereas the organisers of the said event headed by Noel Ugbong in secret (without audience participation which was one of the criteria for selecting a winner) imposed a voting system on the contestants which has never happened in a beauty pageant before, (some were absent) on the premise that those who emerge will go through a question and answer session which he later failed to keep to his word. Hence, making contestant with the highest vote his winner which was totally his personal decision and was frowned at by both Contestants, the Incumbent Queen( Queen Perpetual) and the Manager of the event in the person of Udie Kenneth. Mr. Udie Kenneth even walked away and was absent (WHY?)

Afterwards a press conference was proposed by Mr. Noel Ugbong at Cross River Watch on the 31st of Oct 2018 by 3pm and in his odd motives, went behind the contestants to do his press briefing eve of the supposed date (30 Oct, 2018) without the knowledge of the Event Manager, the incumbent Queen and other management team of Northfest

On this note,we have all unanimously decided in one accord (Contestants) that since the processes of the contest as given to us by the organizers was not followed or completed, we the contestants have agreed that the top ten be brought back with the inclusion of the bone of contention in the person of Jesustina ogar and Lifu Yorkyshor Lifu. Hence the Patrick Joseph Adie was in contention for the male category, the guys have resolve that they are comfortable with the list, but request that the process be completed as agreed by the organizers so as to crown a king and Queen.

Furthermore, on the 30th of October Jesustina Ogar, Unimke Gabriel and Udie Kenneth met with Mr. Noel ugbong at about 8:45pm till 10pm and he advised and requested a document stating the contestants intention and must be signed by either about 60 to 70% of the contestants or by the group leaders in the male and female categories.

This is our decision.
Thank you.

Long live #Northfest.
Long live Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade.
Long live Cross River State.

Signed:.John Paul Ayim.
For the Male Contestants.

Signed: Christabel King.
For the Female Contestants.

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