1) Ayade abandoned the projects on ground before his investiture as Governor of Cross River State:

a) Okpoma Magistrate Court – completed, but without Staff qtrs and left for hoodlums since year 2007.

b) Okpoma General Hospital – without Staff Qtrs, access road, power supply, drugs and other incentives to make staff to stay and work there. Doctors and drugs are usually scarce there.

c) The Customary Court is in shambles and a disgrace to Cross River State and Yala Local Government Council. The precolonial mud house has collapsed and looking awful!

d) Okpoma is still belittled with the status of “Rural Community” by CRS Edict; after many years of being an LGA Hqtr.!

e) There is no radio station and TV at or close to Okpoma. There is neither an extension through repeater stations to Okpoma. Even the nearby Ugaga radio station was removed from Yala!

f) The Federal Monitoring Station at Okpoma has remained uncompleted by the Federal Ministry of Communication since 1976; and CRSG/ Yala LGC has failed to push for its completion so as to be used to monitor radio, TV, internet and other communication waves!

g) Cross River State Government has turned it’s back on the need to woo a bank to establish at Okpoma. Until now, there is no bank!

h) There is no industry or factory in Okpoma and the CRSG is not showing concern about attracting investors. Even the salt wells are not being considered for development!

2) Okpoma has no more any Asphalt road, just as the CRSG has never Asphalted any road in the City. Okpoma lost the only Asphalt Federal road through the City owing to Ayade’s unilateral action of taking over and destroying the Federal Government Asphalt surfaced road without any arrangement for resurfacing.
Remote areas (food baskets) like Itekpa, Itega-Ekpudu/ Aakwa/ Odamagbudu, Ogojah, Ijama, Ugwaba, Udenyuma, Ipipla/ Ekwor, etc, have been forgotten by Cross River State Government and Yala LGC, in terms of development and access roads. Udenyuma access road surface dressing was poorly done and is failing. 2No access roads to Olachor awarded by NDDC to a Senator’s company has been abandoned without any meaningful execution! The trend needs to be reversed for Yala to grow!

3) Ayade has caused the destruction of several farms and properties in Okpoma during clearing for the dual carriage earth road before a minimal evaluation and payment was made to only a few owners, as part compensation. Other owners are neglected.

4) Ayade has placed a killer dual carriage earth road in Okpoma, owing to unextended culverts; high level of dust during dry weather; wet slippery muddy ground when it rains; irrational excavation of road gutters that cuts off access way to homes and compounds; … The Contractor – Sidney Construction – has no address for contact to make enquiries, complaints and reports.

5) Many areas of Okpoma are still not connected to the power supply network; neither provided with any renewable energy electrical power supply. Even Udenyuma, where Okpoma Water Supply Treatment Plant is located, has not been connected to the national grid; and is in darkness! Okpoma itself has no street lights, as NDDC solar lights are dying! The Local Govt Hqtr and Staff Qtrs remain dark at night.

6) Ayade has not assisted farmers in Okpoma with any irrigation dam to boost all-seasons food production and crop varieties.

7) Yala Paramount Ruler and major Clan Heads Palaces in Okpoma are in shameful slums – with no good motorable access roads and flood lighting at night!

Above is a clarion call on all concerned for a concerted development efforts: Federal Govt Ministries, CRSG, Senators, House of Reps Members, other Politicians, Bureaucrats, Civil Servants, Technocrats, Engrs, Architects, Planners, Scientists, NGOs, Development Partners, PPP offices/associates to work for the critical developmental rescue mission in favour of Okpoma and Yala. 😩😟😫

*Courtesy* :
Projects Committee
Yala Progressive Union (YPU), Calabar.

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