“You cannot achieve unity among a people who do not share in the same patrimony and ideology…” Woodrow Wilson

The world over, POLITICS has been viewed by scholars and politicians from diverse perspectives. While some see it as ‘Who gets what, when and how; others look at it as the allocation of values. To some scholars like Tony Bantayana, politics is nothing other than the ‘madness of many for the benefit of a few…

By this last definition, politicians and political systems have often times been likened to war, as some see it as a “War without bloodshed. Scholars and military strategists like Carl Von Clausewitz, politics and war are almost the same thing, but the former is frequently sought than the latter.

Cross River state has been known for peace and a harmonious entity whose cultural richness is enviable to all. We have been a people united by brotherhood which binds us together along the many rivers, creeks, swamps and hills that cut across the length and breadth of our territorial landscape.
Until recently, anybody who is not from the state will not believe there are more ethnic groups in Cross River more than some larger States, but this was not noticable. A Calabar man outside the state was nothing but a Calabar man, whether he is from Ogoja, Ikom or the very Calaba. It would be difficult for me to explain to an Hausa man or any other tribe in Nigeria that I’m not a Calabar man even though I’m from Cross River state. That’s the way people look at us from the outside, everyone thinks were one and the same, just like the women from other tribes always wished to have a Calabar man as thier man.

Events in recent times have shown that politics has pitched us against each other to the point that we would wish our brother or even plan his death. Politics like religion in the views of Karl Marx, have become an opium which many have drunk and are hypnotized.
Since the third Democratic dispensation in the state, a lot of blood has been shed and brothers drawn daggers at each other’s neck as a result of politics. This is dangerous. This is a great disservice to ourselves.

Though in other ethnic groups there may be political differences among them, especially as in the Northern part of the country, such can not be used as a tool for killing each other. In fact the North can disagree politically and the next moment they’re back together. I have noticed this first hand.

To my fellow Cross River man and woman, the fact that I’m in political party A and you in B doesn’t make us enemies, it only avail us with options to do things in different ways.
Why all the bitterness, the killings and mutual suspicion? Why the acerbic feelings and fighting. This is not the kind of politics that brings development. Let us deemphasize our political differences and imbibe the very peaceful coexistence that has permeated throughout history that once made our land a Destination Cross River.

Long Live Cross River state
Long Live our peaceful nature
God bless Nigeria.

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