The CHURCH or place of worship, is like a hospital where people with different illnesses and aliments go for healings and treatments. Even Jesus said He came for the sick, confused, and to the lost, that’s why you were found and healed.

But today people have forgotten about that they are came to church to serve God. You meet with someone who’s illness hasn’t gone completely and got entangled, the next thing you had issues with each other then suddenly you carry your bag or Bible and leave the church or ministry because of offenses. Lie to yourself that you’re looking for a place where you’ll have peace of mind to serve God, forgetting that you’ve lost focus from the beginning. Where you’ll find peace and rest is the in GRAVE.

When you come to church be busy with your service to God not Man. Refuse to get lost and focus on fulfilling your assignment or purpose. He that is sitted in heaven shall reward you in due season, so you must not go with everybody but get someone that understand you, Paul & Silas, Peter& John.

No purpose can be fulfill on a platter of gold. There’s always a battle to fight , people who made impact or are making impact are those who toughen their skin and deaf ears to there feelings and the noise around them.

Jumping from one place to another, from one Man/Woman of God to another will only leave you more confused, Mt 6:22 says If your eye is single or good your body will be full of light….. urine that’s been scatter will never produce form.

Apst Paul in 2 Tim 4:7, Said I’ve fought the good fight, what kind of fight are fighting, He fought to fulfill his purpose he fought to remain Focus, he fought well that’s why we can read about him and also learn, what will your children, family, friends, church, and your generation learn from you today, Selah!!!!

May you not live your family, friends, your generation or world they way you meet it. I am HERE FOR A PURPOSE.


See you at the top!


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