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By: Chief Omo Odigie


It is the political season and everything that moves in the opposite direction from either main Party is a target to be annihilated. It is no gain saying that Captain Hosa has put his enormous resources at the disposal of many Edo people and more so, in the government of His Excellency, Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki whom he still considers a friend.

In this season, everything is fair game and he knows this more than anyone else. An individual made a point of trying to ridicule him on Social media for having not gone back to his village roots to upgrade his father’s compound and the road leading to his village. I read the article again and again and i wonder what point he is trying to pass around. The person who posted this story knows some of his facts. His story is partially correct but he misfired. Whilst it is no Captain’s responsibility to tar the road to his village, he does have the necessary ability to influence the government and its agencies to show his people some love. His efforts have finally yielded some fruit as a contract has been awarded for the road to be tarred by the NDDC.

The writer showed the picture of a house which he described as Captain’s father’s house. That is not his father’s house. It is his grandfather’s house and let them show us their father’s house not to even mention their grandfather’s. If his grandfather could build such a house in those days then that was an achievement which I feel they shouldn’t touch not only for posterity but because i know he is not the first son of his father who has the responsibility to renovate, rebuild or do as he pleases with that beautiful house which was an edifice in its day.

It is a known fact that Captain Hosa has supported successive Governments starting from Governor Lucky Igbinedion, Governor Adams Oshomhole and even to the present Government. I am happy that the writer, instead of hurting him, has inadvertently exposed the ingratitude of successive Governments who did not care about where he comes from. Does that not speak to the ingratitude of politicians?

To the great people of Edo State, we have a little over two weeks to Election Day for a new government in our land that flows with the proverbial milk and honey. Let us elect a governor who will turn the milk and honey into jobs and bring unprecedented prosperity to our land. God bless the people of Edo State, God bless our great Oba and may God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Chief Omo Odigie writes from Benin City.

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