NYCN meets FCC Commissioners, gives credence to the reforms of the commission.


The National leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has met with Chairman and other Commissioners of the Federal Character Commission (FCC) where issues of job racketeering were discussed.

There have been allegations of racketeering at the Commission with report suggesting that petitions have also been submitted against the current executive of the FCC led by its Chairman Muheeba Dankaka.

At the Tuesday’s meeting held at the Commission’s headquarters, in Abuja, the National Vice President of the NYCN, Ambassador Mukhtar Akoshile told newsmen that the issues leveled against the Chairman of FCC were unfounded.

“There have been news about the commission and allegations about sale of jobs at federal agencies. At the meeting with the Chairman of the Commission and 30 other commissioners, we were told that there are seven out of 37 Commissioners who are bent on removing the Chairman.

They told us that the allegations leveled against the Chairman cannot be substantiated and we also discovered that what has been happening before the new management came on board was a mess as the commission was in the hands of syndicates who have now been transferred out of Abuja and they are trying to fight back.

“We found out that the vacuum created before the appointment of the present leadership led to the illegalities unearthed now.

“What the new leadership is doing now is in the interest of Nigerian youth and we (Youth) are resolute and in full support of the drive to terminate sale of appointment into government agencies.

“They should publicise job opportunities and let those qualified apply. It shouldn’t be about who you know anymore.

Akoshile also implored President Muhammadu Buhari not to allow in government agencies “as the vacuum at FCC before the appointment of the new leadership actually caused the mess we are witnessing today.
“If there was no vacuum, those who were not up to the level of Commissioners would not have the opportunity to use the Commission’s letterhead papers to write letters to MDAs.

“We are exonerating the current leadership of the FCC from any wrongdoing and appropriate all her innovative drive and anyone who has contrary views should come forward with their own.” He said.


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