Dr Kemi Omololu -Olunloyo goes tough on her detractors


I removed 34 of you from my page tonight. They must be stupid following a Journalist. I report news. Any news, anybody. I’m on Medical leave and haven’t even started yet. You are asking what is my damn business reporting gossip news about Chioma? I will NOT repeat this again. News is news. If you don’t like it, UNFOLLOW and go watch NTA daft fools. I do not UNBLOCK people. All blocks are permanent. I will not surround myself with Illiterates. Those posting that they will arrest me and I will go to Port Harcourt prison again don’t even know why they arrested me. May you or your family go to prison and DIE there. Don’t wish me what you can’t take.

I am a spiritual person. Struck by lightning twice in my lifetime and electrocuted twice today in a store where the metal door knob was transmitting electricity via their gen. I’m still ALIVE. My body is electro magnetic. Every one I cursed with death in the courtroom on April 10th 2017 are now DEAD. The Rivers attorney general, the prison guard and the prosecutor. They said I wasn’t a Journalist but someone who hated men of God based on a document they claimed I wrote which I didn’t. I screamed in the courtroom “All 3 of you will die!” They withdrew their case after ruining my life with 6 mos in prison. If I lay curses on Facebook, be ready‼️

Don’t start what you can’t finish. I am from Oyo empire, the home of Sango the God of Thunder. A young Igbo girl spent two years with no job, no paper, no cooking show, can’t drive her N45M fake rented Porsche for a song release, lived lies, got engaged while heavily pregnant, baby out of wedlock which is no big deal for me, but I hear it’s a disgrace in Igboland, plenty of weddings all over the place and still not married, her fiance is already married to a Togolese American, she cannot enter the USA because she’s blacklisted, instead all those girls looking up to her are watching a fake life. Destroying 3 lives just to have a boy to secure the fortune is beyond stupid. News is news. This is 2021. If you spill shit on my page, I will show you I don’t entertain bullshit.

Goodnight ‼️😡😡😡😡

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