Introducing Engr. Ushie Thomas Omang aka Poundz Ushie


In today’s world, Electrical and electronic engineers work at the forefront of practical technology, improving the devices and systems we use every day. From solar-energy systems to mobile phones, computer hard wares, installation, maintenance, designs etc, Electrical Engineers innovate to meet society’s communication, technology and energy needs.

Electricity is integral to modern life – power generation, transport, medicine, quantum information, computing, artificial intelligence, cryptography, communications, the list is endless. While Electrical Engineers deal with the supply and flow of power, Electronic Engineers create the electronic devices we use every day.

Poundz Ushie is a graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Cross River State, UNICROSS. He is a native of Gakem in Bekwarra Local government area of Cross River State. Poundz is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer with a cutting edge technology on the supply and flow of power and the creation of Electronic devices. He is the son of the popular Chief Hilary Ushie, CEO, Hilary Pharmaceuticals and Ushie Table Water Ltd, Ogoja; a renowned business man, entrepreneur, business development expert and community leader.

As a graduate of Electrical Engineering, he saw himself as one with a midas touch to explore the world having been thought how to weather the stormy waters of life. So he saw no need going out in search of any white collar jobs but immediately established Poundz Electrical Electronic Services, PEES, Ltd.

Services available at Poundz Electrical Electronic Service, PEES are Electrical Installation, Electronic Designs, Maintenance, Repairs, Plumbing, Drywall, Painting etc etc.

At PEES electricity is harnessed by producing, delivering, storing and transmitting it large-scale systems to distribute and control power circuits where electricity flows from one point to another
high-voltage applications with heavy currents. While the electronic component is about electrical circuits and creating, designing and testing them integrating them into computer hardware and systems circuits that process, and have decision-making capabilities, low-voltage applications and with low-strength current, computation and communications.

Poundz is a young man who believes in innovation, creativity and hardwork rather than depending and relying on his already established father. Upon graduation in 2018 he immediately decided to carve a niche for himself to earn a living.

What inspired him was his passion for the profession he studied, the zeal to impart the world, and the quest to emancipate himself in order to overcome the challenges of lack of job after graduation by majority of Nigerian graduates.

At PEES, quality workmanship, safe work practice, excellent customer service, affordable pricing, excellent service delivery and post service maintenance is key.

Poundz Electrical Electronic Services is located at No: 13 Mission Road, Igoli and No: 74 Boki Road, Abakpa, in Ogoja LGA.
Enquires: 08081694543

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