Captain Hart Modey to pay Ogoja Sweepers unpaid Salary

The President of Hart Modey Foundation, Captain Hart Modey is set to give succour to the plights of Ogoja Sweepers working under Ogoja Urban Development Authority, OUDA in Ogoja LGA.

The Sweepers who are being owed salaries running to several Months still go to work everyday even without being paid.

These women (Old & Young) wake up very early daily in the morning to start sweeping the streets of Igoli and environs and are being exposed to all forms of hazards; environmental and man made, yet are not paid as at when due.

Considering the harsh economic situation facing the women, Capt. Hart Modey, a silent achiever in his own right, who has for a decade and more, put smiles on the faces of people has selected thirty of them to be paid for the Month of October, 2021.

Names of the sweepers have been collated for payment on a day to be communicated to them.

Recall a few weeks ago the Social Media was awash with news of Street sweepers in Calabar who protested over 6 months unpaid salary of N6500 monthly. It took the intervention of public spirited Cross Riverians and Nigerians who out of kindness and philanthropy sent in monies to pay some of the sweepers.

According to George Odok Jnr of News Agency of Nigeria “No POLITICIAN will ever want to see his/her mother sweeping the streets, why then is the government subjecting these old women to untold hardship?

With Captain Hart Modey, Humanity is winning. His Hart Modey Foundation, established in 2009, has been a succor to several indigent persons and the downtrodden. The Foundation’s mission is advancing human welfare, capacity building and training to make people relevant and able to provide for themselves.

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