It’s a normal tradition for the thieves and the fraudsters that, when ever they were captured in the act of stealing or defrauding people. They resort to blame games on a plan to distract people from the mean topic of discussion. That’s the case study for Sani Shinkafi fraud case.

As we all know, Sani Shinkafi (Wamban Shinkafi), who is currently under arrest and detention at Sokoto EFCC office for defrauding over 60 people to the tune of 1 billion naira begins another series of illogical verbal mastubation on the person of the incoming APC National Chairman His Excellency Abdulaziz Yari, just as more shocking revelations have continued to emerge on reasons for Sani Shinkafi arrest.

Sani Shinkafi who for now attained almost five good consecutive days in the EFCC net under investigation was said to have been collapsed today pretending to be unhealthy during investigation, just when he was presented with a full documented evidences showing how he engaged in direct tranfer of huge sum of money from his so-called fraud investment account to individual accounts, including the account of his wife.

Information also gathered from top sources during the house check of Sani Shinkafi that an unlicensed gun was found. What this means is that Shinkafi with skeletons in his cupboards will also answer some questions out of the fraud case.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has overwhelming evidences on most of the served allegations against Sani Shinkafi, most especially on fraud connected cases and the embattled Sani Shinkafi, may not return to home soon, as plans by the EFCC are said to be afoot to get him to the court when he would be open to full-blown criminal fraud trial.

As things stand now, Abdul’aziz Yari has nothing to do with Shinkafi’s fraud case at the EFCC. Infact, Yari is even out of the country for other relevant important issues. What Yari would gain for join issues with a fraudsters? Why should Yari intervene in a case he knew nothing about ?

As a man of faith, nationalist, patriotic, sagacious politician, law abiding and humane, Yari will never do that to his worst enemy, talkless of a mere unserious fraudsters Sani Shinkafi.

The raised of alarm by Sani Shinkafi over alleged use of his case at the EFCC to hound and harass him to cow or weaken his voice by Yari is another serial lies and mere guilty conscious from Sani Shinkafi just to distract EFCC from its investigation.

Sani Shinkafi who served as a media propagandist and attacking the personality of Abdulaziz Yari on daily basis for decade is today afraid of the media propaganda and intimidation, when he already has a case to answer.

Again, Yari has never been planning any evil against the so-called Sani Shinkafi, as he don’t have a single minute to waste within his busy schedules for some faceless and disgraced politician like Sani Shinkafi, but may be God Almighty decided to punish Sani Shinkafi that way before he would send to jail by the EFCC for fraud.

Lastly, it’s always the same story from shameless Sani Shinkafi that he had from reliable source that Yari is planning some thing against him. Infact, which reliable source Sani Shinkafi is talking about ? Who else has time for a fraudster like him ? Which intervention is he seeking from Governor Bello Matawalle ? Does Bello Matawalle has any relationship with the fraud case ? Is Bello Matawalle in charge of EFCC ? It’s better for Sani Shinkafi to focuses on the upcoming consequences of his fraud action and leave Yari alone. Period !!!

Concerned Citizens of Zamfara

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