Yache is fast drifting into the state of anarchy and lawlessness. In the time past, we played politics bearing in mind the strong bond of brotherhood but this brotherliness today, has been confined to the trash can.

Of recent, we are rather playing politics of hate, hijacking, kidnapping, pull him down and raining of abuses at each other.

To worsen the situation, some are grooming political tugs in Yache called the JTF. Gone are those days when tugs and cultists were being hired and used in intimidating, maiming and killing of perceived political opponents. Even at that, Yache wasn’t part of that barbaric and primitive style of politicking .

We must all rise up and condemn this insensitive and cruel disregards for one another’s fundamental rights. We must live and let others live too.

I suggest we adopt conflict resolution as a strategy to resolving our differences instead of this ruthless, brutal and insensitive measures.

I, also suggest this so called JTF be disbanded without further delay. Their sponsors should please, demobilize them for the sake of peace in Yache Land. We must all say “No” to all forms of thuggery as it not only primitive and crude in this modern era but an insult to the Yache Nation.

God bless Yache Nation!

God bless Alifokpa People’s Assembly!!

✓✓Hon Gabe S. I. Ugor is a former Executive Chairman of Yala LGC.

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