Sometimes, I feel cool and wonder what runs through the minds of persons who on their own, come out to seek mandate from the masses to vote for them and for service to the people. To a very large surprise, some of the political leaders that, the people stood under scourging sun and heavy rainfall to campaign and vote for them , will suddenly turn their backs against the masses and begin to favour family members.

In the true sense of sustainable Leadership, a good leader should have the following characters:
1. Great deal of listening ear.
2. Reward his loyalists and develop them.
3. Should embrace team work.
4. Encourage power devolution , to assign Leadership duties to principal officers for effective service delivery.
5. Creat recreational programs to relax with your principal workers for interactive session.
6. Employ best hands to achieve results and fire when necessary.
7. Give less ears to gossip and blackmail. Note that, as they gossip others to you, they will in turn gossip you to the general public. This is because, such practice becomes inherent.

Now that, we are in the election year, 2023, the masses must look inward and make the right choice of voting for leaders with human face. Do not mortgage your future for paltry immediate gain. Come out and participate in the election and exercise your franchise.

Nigeria/State/Local Government belongs to all of us.

Arise and cast your vote rightly.

✓Chief Mathias Ake, a Leadership Development Expert, writes from Obudu LGA, Cross River State, Nigeria.

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