Happy birthday to Distinguished Senator Jarigbe Agom 

Once in a thousand years, a few great people walk the face of the earth and leave their mark forever. They make such an impact on humanity which is almost immeasurable by human standards.

Against all odds you have triumphed with an enduring legacy to have emerged as the First Senator from Ogoja.

With all sense of modesty, you have given our dear Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency and Cross River North Senatorial District effective representation at the National Assembly.

You are a man with a heart of gold. Celebrating you is easy to do because you celebrate others, you are there for others.

You are loved by many and admired everywhere you go. Live long, laugh more and keep dreaming bigger for the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

These and many more are the ideals that have distinguished you.

May your emerging future heralds records your past could not behold.

May you celebrate many more years of uninterrupted good health and wisdom.

Happy birthday My Distinguished!

Live long……

Your Constituent,

Ogar Solomon Ogar,

CEO/Publisher @


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