Happy Birthday To Prince Akwaji Offiono

This man here is Prince Akwaji Offiono , Group Chairman/CEO, Loaded Global Nig. Ltd.

Today is his Birthday.

As a new born baby on the 12th of December that year, he cried, laughed, played and fed like every other new born baby. Nothing special differentiated him from every other child. But the huge call of greatness and burden of destiny was on him.

Like every other living legends, entrepreneurs and business giants in different fields that had worked the surface of this earth, he started manifesting signs of greatness early.

Prince Akwase was set to embark on turbulent sojourn to the land of greatness. He didn’t choose his field of assignment or sphere of exploits, God chosed for him, and today he has become a household name.

He is an industrialist with a difference, a classy entrepreneur, an uncommon philanthropist, an astute businessman and an iconic personality; always touching and redefining lifes positively for humanity sake.

His ability to make good use of the present, imagine the future and act on it has yielded great results in the process which he has been using for the benefit of others. This is so enigmatic and unprecedented in our clime.

It is no longer news that the Almighty God has been marvelously benevolent to him with tremendous blessings and abundant grace as the real and functional #MMM…Money Making Machine.

May God continue to do more for him in the years to come, grant him sound health of mind and peace of body, and above continually flavour him with divine favour at all times.

Please join me to ask God to perfect everything that concerns him and keep protecting him with uninterrupted wellness of mind and body.

From all of us @ http://solomonislandblog.com.ng , we congratulate and wish him a joyous and happy birthday.

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