IPOB: Group writes US, UK others over Peter Obi’s alleged links with terrorist group

A group , the Concemed Citizens Network, CCN has alerted the United States as well as the United Kingdom Government of alleged links by the Presidential candidate of the labour party, Peter Obi to the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The group said Peter Obi  has received tactic support from the IPOB since he indicated interest to contest the 2023 presidential election.

The CCN in a letter addressed to the US Ambassador in Nigeria said Peter Obi has continued to play to the gallery

regarding the nefarious activities of IPOB in South East Nigeria despite the wanton destruction of lives and properties.

The letter signed by CCN President,  Comrade Duru Odoh Chima and Secretary, General, Ajibade Jacobs said South-East Nigeria has constantly come under the IPOB threats which the group said Peter Obi has refused to condemn nor articulate how he intends to tackle the threat posed by the group if elected president in the forthcoming elections.

“We have it on credible authority that IPOB has tactically endorsed Peter Obi’s presidential aspiration, which is mainly responsible for enlisting some known IPOB sympathizers into his presidential campaign council.

“On several occasions, Peter Obi has systematically refused to make the IPOB threat to our democracy a campaign focus because the promoters of IPOB are his kinsmen and known financial contributors to his presidential campaign.

“This is a worrisome trend that would put the country in a precarious situation should Peter Obi be elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The deceitful game played by Peter Obi and his supporters can promote ethnic and religious tension in the country.

“In several public outings, he attempted to change the narrative concerning the formation and sustenance of IPOB by alluding that it was a creation of governors of states in South East Nigera. This, we gathered from reliable sources, was a part of the deal he entered with the group in return for support during the presidential elections.

“The overarching objective 1s to attack critical government establishments such as the Nigenan Police and the Independent National Electoral Commussion’s offices to harass and intimidate faithfuls of other parties into submission to voting for Peter Obi in the presidential elections” the group said

The CCN alleged that before the onset of his presidential aspiration under the Labour Party,  Peter Ob: has been a known patron of IPOB.

“He extended logistc and financial support to the group while govermor of Anambra State, It is also a known fact that IPOB has tactically avoided areas that are strongholds of Peter Obi and have launched attacks in the regions that are not his stronghold by intimidatung and harassing those that do not share in the ideology of Peter Obi.

“Scores of lives have been lost and properties destroyed by the activities of ‘POB. We have it on good authonty that Peter Obi promised to uptum the proscnption of IPOB as a terrorist group by the fedcral government.

“The recent camage by IPOB is a part of the scnpt endorsed by Peter Obi as an clection strategy to ensure that other political parts do not make imroads in South East Nigeria dunng the elections.

“The Peter Obi Presidential Campaign has also engaged a massive identification of supporters and patrons of other political parties in South East Nigena to cause bodily harm to them and destroy their businesses, weakening their support and preparations for the general elections.

“The Ambassador may wish to admit that, ndced, these are trying times in the country and South East region, in particular with the recent dnve by IPOB to make the region unsafe for those that do not support the presidential aspiration of Peter Obi.

“It is thus our passionate appeal to the United States of America to beam its searchlight on the activines of the Peter Ob: presidential campaign team to unravel the mystery behind the sudden resurgence of the notorious activities of IPOB.

“In a recent interview on Channels Television, Peter Ob1 was quoted as saying IPOB members live around him and do not constitute a threat to the country. He was quoted saying he would dialogue with IPOB if elected president.

“This is indeed unacceptable, hence this letter calling on the attention of the United States of America to look ints to unholy alliance between Peter Obi and [POB. Nigeria cannot aflord a president poised w propagate ethno-religious conflict at this critical point of our existence.

“As critical stakeholders in our democracy, we wish to appeal for the urgent intervention of the United States of Amenca in ensunng that Peter Ob: and his supporters de not plunge Nigeria into a conflict of unimaginable proportions” the group said

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