Kjay Jedy-Agba: Statement of Declaration of Intent for Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku Federal Constituency

My Statement of Declaration of Intention to Contest for the Federal House of Representatives Seat for Bekwarra/Obudu/Obanliku Federal Constituency in the 2023 General Election

—By Kjay Jedy-agba

My Dear Fellow Constituents,

I come to you with greetings of love and a heart that is filled with a burning desire for service and a stern obligation to a vision of swift growth, progress and prosperity for our people.

In the past couple of months I have been on the road traversing the length and breadth, nooks and crannies of this Constituency; meeting with our people, men and women, youths, stakeholders of our great party, elders, as well as spirited individuals of good conscience, in my avowed determination to consult widely with our people, given my quest to serve my Constituents and have you send me to represent the Constituency in the House of Representatives.

The results from my wide consultations, have been rewarding, reassuring and revealing. Most of all, it afforded me the window to know my people even better. It also brought me face to face with the constituents and exposed me to the myriad of issues plaguing our communities; issues bothering on growth, development and inclusiveness.

Consequently, I humbly wish to use this medium to communicate to you my decision to offer myself for service, as a member of the Federal House of Representatives, for Obudu, Bekwarra and Obanliku Federal Constituency. I seek this opportunity to offer this constituency avisionary, purposeful, competent and effective representation which has long eluded our people.

A little over 4 years ago, I had course to come before you to ask for your support to be your representative at the Federal House. For me, that aspiration came as a direct response to the calling by our people to expand the scope of our democratic representation and bring renewed hope to our people. Unfortunately, that experience was not without some frustrations and disappointments as some anti-democratic forces constituted a threat to my realization of that goal.

You may recall also my attempt in 2011 that culminated in the fierce contest between my humble self, Hon. Paul Adah of blessed memory, and the incumbent governor Ben Ayade, for the ogoja District Senatorial primaries of the PDP. Today, we stand on the threshold of a new era, with a fresh and reinvigorated commitment to service.

Fellow constituents, I believe there is so much we can do to bring succor to our people. In spite of the trust we had placed on our representatives in the past, we have remained largely underdeveloped and have attracted the least of federal presence to our local communities. With your blessings, consent and support, we shall attract the needed goodwill to our constituency, work towards realizing our dreams and achieve our full potentials for the benefit of our local population.

Our Constituency deserves a legislator who understands the pains and yearnings of the people. A Representative that puts the interest of the people first. A legislator who would work assiduously to create opportunities for people to fulfill their dreams and aspirations, as well as attract democratic dividends to his people. I intend to be all of that and more to the people of Obudu, Bewkarra and Obanliku Federal Constituency.

The policies and programs of government should always be tailored towards meeting the needs and aspirations of the ordinary people, in the hinter lands and villages scattered round our Constituency, particularly the most vulnerable segments of our population. It is my intention to make this the sacred trust and Covenant that we shall share as I seek your mandate in the next general elections.

The priority of my representation will be you; the people of my constituency. My commitment is to you. You are the very reason I am running for this office. I shall articulate your problems from units to wards and to each of the local Government areas that makes up our Constituency. And I will bring about the necessary change. We should be able to empower our people not just to ride motorcycles and a few others driving overly used cars, but enrich our young men and women and the rest of our productive population with required knowledge and.skills among others in a manner that they can think, act and solve their own problems. All of this can be achieved through a delicate but sound policy articulation, formulation and unbiased implementation. We shall firm up our representation around these issues and make sure that our people, our constituents at the long run shall be better off for it.

A time has come for our leaders to deal honestly with their people. That time beckons on me. I intend to be a voice for the voiceless and that eye our constituency had long wished for, to attract huge federal presence to this part of the country. This is a challenge we must face. A challenge dear to my heart. And we must get to work immediately and collectively. It is my vision to change things for the better. I have the courage, energy and the ability to turn things around and I would waste no time to deplore all that, combined with my extensive sociopolitical and economic networks to bring the long desired change to this constituency.

My vigorous consultation has offered me the opportunity to identify key cardinal areas where immediate interventions are required. With your permission and mandate, I would move quickly to address them. I assure you that I would use my legislative mandate to partner with the right people to bring development to where it matters in our various communities and villages.

As I seek your mandate, I invite you all to join me to enthrone a new vision, a new partnership for growth, development and transformation of our communities. I have no doubt in my mind that together, with your cooperation and support, we can make the Obudu, Bekwarra and Obanliku Federal Constituency greater than what it is today. Let us together bring in a new era of hope, upliftment and prosperity. The time to do it is now. I ask for your trust. Your support, good wishes and prayers is all that is needed to achieve this vision.

Thank you, as I seek your support and cooperation for a better society for all of us.

Kjay Jedy-Agba

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