Koko Dan writes a special tribute to the Ukpo’s

A businessman, grassroots politician and philanthropist, Barr Koko Dan has written a heart warming tribute to the Ukpo’s on the demise of three members of their family; Late General Anthony Stephen Ikaba Ukpo, Engr. Emmanuel Ukpo and Mrs Lelia Ukpo Udeozo.

Koko Dan wrote on his Facebook page below:

Dear Ukpo’s

Growing up was really imaginary when my father used to tell me about you.

As a child,I used to think that Ukpo was a town not knowing that it was a name of a great family. Ukpo is one of the names that magnifies the great ogoja nation.

As early as five years I knew every names in the ukpo family.

The name was chanted in every tales by moon light in our local community. It was a lullaby to us.

This family is a pace setter, This family is the light and this family was everyone’s point of positive references and guides to progress and hope.

My father who was Dr.Emmanuel Ukpo’s Tailor in the 60’s would go all out inviting people in my community to come vote for Dr. Paul Ukpo in the 1993 Senate election. The Ukpo’s were my father’s role model and I think my father passed that to me.

It was a meritorious moment for me knowing the Late.John Akuma ukpo family in Baltimore USA. It was one of my fulfilled dreams meeting the family that is a morning side dew and a star Trek to every visionary soul.

Today I am a friend to the Ukpo’s and I can’t help but share in their lives in their sorrows,in their gains and in their loses.

As the funerals commences,It will be an honor to have my tears on the ground of the ukpo family compound and on the great okpoma soil in honor of your name and for the losses.

At the moment, words are not enough . May you be consoled and be rest assured that good name is better than silver and gold. And in all it was yesterday. You are today and always.

Accept my condolences.
With love.
Koko Dan.

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