Victoria Otanya Odey , the CEO of Otyann Enterprises Nig. Ltd. is a businesswoman, politician, philanthropist, pious Christian and an advocate of good governance, women’s rights who has been a voice for the voiceless and the oppressed.

Early Life and Education
Otanya was born on the 12th of July in the 80’s in Okuku-Yala, Yala LGA of Cross River State. She is a native of Imaje in Echumofana Ward. She attended University of Calabar and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education, B.Ed. Before then she obtained a National Certificate on Education, NCE on Political Science/Economics from the College of Education, Akamkpa, Cross River State. She had her early life and upbringing in Okuku-Yala where she gained her First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC at St. Joseph’s Primary School and Senior Secondary School Certificate, SSCE at Holy Child Secondary School, Mount Carmel, Ogoja.

Political Foray
As a politically conscious citizen, Otanya developed an insatiable passion to see and live in a better and greater Nigeria. She has passion for leaders who have the qualities to build and bequeath a productive and sustainable Nigeria to the next generation.

Driven by this passion, she has galvanized her innermost thoughts to align properly towards a better society where all will be well with and for all. These diverse political overtures and thoughts imparted her with the hands-on experience which currently serves her well in handling difficult political situations and strategic decisions over the years.

These has equally made it easier for her to be spotted as a chick which will grow into a rooster right from infancy by its carriage and command amongst its peers.

A political tactician, she has always deployed her political strength and unparalleled excellence in the field for the good of the people, the people and the people. These has remedied a lot for the less privileged, the downtrodden, orphans, widows, widowers, aged people etc etc.

Otanya has supported many in their academics, health challenges, employment, sustainable empowerment, business pursuits etc etc.

Over the years, she has remained an enigma and a phenomenon in our philanthropic space.
Her philanthropy knows no boundaries, as she doles out to the poor, homeless, sick and needy.

Her exploits in the area of supporting human development are unparalleled. Unlike many who do these for political reasons and for the purposes of gaining popularity, Otanya goes about her charity without blowing her trumpet. To her, philanthropy is just a way of life and not an opportunity to show off.

Political Philosophy and Ideology
Her political philosophy is anchored on the ideal fact that politics should be seen as the propelling force that tends to make one get involved in political activities for the benefit of the people. This is because a sound political philosophy should revolve around influencing or deploying state powers and resources towards the achievement of the goal of nation building, and enhancement of the quality of life of the citizenry. Thus, her political philosophy is anchored on altruism, patriotism, pragmatism and service to the people.

She believes in liberal democratic ideals and the sovereignty of the people. She believes that the task of national unity and cohesion can only be achieved by tolerance, peaceful co-existence, and creative integration of disparate interests through building bridges across political divides.

Her political virtues are guided by the ideals of respect for the dignity of man and the rights of the individual. And her mandate and motto is service to the people. No doubt, her political philosophy may have been shaped by her urbane nature and the liberal orientation she has garnered travelling to different continents of the world.

She has a firm belief in the youths as the catalysts for a new Nigeria and has always affirmed that the time has come for the youths of Nigeria to take their place in the governance of our nation.

Ensuring educational provision in predominantly rural areas with adverse impact of the harsh economy has presented significant challenges thus forcing many school drop outs. All children, no matter where they live or what their circumstances, have the right to quality education. Otanya is desirous of supporting #Back2School for such children so they can attend school, learn and be productive in the future.

Religious Beliefs
A devout and strong Christian, she believes in the equality of all men before God. She believes that the Society can and will get better and better if we do unto others what we want others to do unto us. She is passionate about the importance of obedience to God’s word and discipline to the Christian doctrine in order to impact the society positively.

After working briefly with an Oil Servicing Company in Lagos as a Business Development Manager, Otanya resigned to establish Otyann Enterprises Nig. Ltd. dealing on Oil and Gas, Fashions, Hospitality, Trading, Furnitures etc etc.

Otyann Enterprises Nig. Ltd has provided gainful employment opportunities for a lot of people.


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