……. The tenure of the NWC expired in August 2022

The growth and survival of democracy as a system of government representing the aspirations of the people is a function of the existence of a variety of vibrant political parties for the citizens to choose from during periodic elections.

The case in Nigeria has been that the so-called bigger parties use the smaller ones to legitimize their anti-people stranglehold on the levers of power through financial inducement and planting of crises in the newer political parties.

While the Nigerian ruling class has continually pushed the argument that the internal affairs of political parties are their business to cover up their less than noble objectives for being in politics, it is clear that political parties are public institutions governed by laws of the land, from their registration through to conduct.

It is as custodians of public interest, and conviction that our democracy is best served by broadening the political space and allowing for diverse voices to be heard that we make this intervention in the African Democratic Congress (ADC).

We are concerned that a section of the former NWC whose tenure expired in August with sinister motives, will now purportedly suspend some state chairmen of the ADC, over vague references to ‘anti-party activities’ by the chairmen.

We are equally disheartened that the conduct of these characters further fuels the dangerous narrative that the supposed alternative political platforms are no different from the frontrunners in the political space; a claim that is dangerously false and factually lacking in substance.

It is worrying that the leadership of the party, which had not made any measurable impact during its time at the helm of the party, was so desperate to hold onto the reins that they would go to such disgraceful lengths to spit their nose to spite their face.

By the constitution of the party, the national chairman and NWC members are to hold office for not more than 2terms of four years each, whereas the former chairman, Chief Ralph Nwosu, had been in office for 17years until the end of August 2022 when his most recent tenure expired.

It is no surprise, given his antecedents as a political mercenary, that Chief Nwosu chose to turn against the only brightest spot in the party, its presidential candidate, who has done so much to remake the party in the consciousness of the people as a serious contender for the 2023 elections and beyond at all levels of government.

Chief Ralph Nwosu and his co-travelers will incur the wrath of Nigerians if they do not desist from their antics of trying to keep the ADC a small fish in the political ocean of Nigeria at a time Nigerians are warming up to the idea of associating with the party.

Chief Nwosu and his NWC members whose tenure has expired will be well advised to retrace their steps and give the ADC room to breathe, in a clear departure from the wasted 17 years of the locusts that were his leadership of the party.

The laws are very clear and the laws, including a party constitution he was part of enacting, state that his tenure is over and his exco stands dissolved.

We urge his excellency the presidential candidate Mr. Kachikwu, and other candidates under the platform of the ADC to continue their reorientation work as the people have confidence in their manifesto and ideas around governance, having tried the current ruling class time and again, and being disappointed.

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