Stakeholders express delight in the establishment of the NYSC Trust Fund


Stakeholders at the recently concluded symposium on the imperatives of an NYSC Trust Fund have expressed delight at the prospects of such a laudable initiative if established. The symposium, which had the theme “Consolidating the gains of the NYSC in Youth Empowerment and National Development in the face of Economic Realities: The Imperatives of a Trust Fund”, brought together various stakeholders across the country.
Those interviewed highlighted the necessity of the NYSC Trust Fund in the face of economic realities occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic. A development expert, who pleaded anonymity, stated that the establishment of the NYSC Trust Fund would serve as a critical interventionist vehicle to harness the vast potentials of youths in the country.
“ What we must realize is the huge potentials in the youthful population in Nigeria, and when we have such a vehicle that would harness these potentials, the rational thing to do is to hit the ground running as soon as practicable.”
The Minister of the FCT corroborated this much. He stated that the establishment of the NYSC Trust Fund could not have come at a better time in cognizance that the NYSC can drive Nigeria’s economic recovery process, through the empowerment of its teeming youth, given the budding talents at its disposal.
Dr Ifeuko Amadi, a civil society organization representative at the symposium, stated that the NYSC Trust Fund is as exciting and interesting because of the positives that would accrue to the country.
“We must begin to think outside the box in efforts at addressing the myriads of socio-economic challenges in the country. This is no doubt a laudable initiative that could not have come at a better time than now. The prospects are unimaginable, and if properly implemented, it could serve as a model for sustainable growth and development, not just in Nigeria, but across the African continent.”
In his remarks, the NYSC DG stated that the NYSC Trust Fund initiative came about after extensive consultations to strengthen the operations of the NYSC, in the same manner, the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, the Police Trust Equipment and the Petroleum Technology Development Trust Fund.
“The NYSCTF, when operational, would help address the infrastructural and other logistics needs that would aid the smooth operations of the scheme, while resources from the Fund would support staff training for higher productivity. “
This view was supported by the vast majority of stakeholders, who commended the NYSC Management for the initiative to propel the economic recovery process in Nigeria. Mr Stanly Anene, a representative of the Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative, stated that the NYSC Trust Fund could bridge the gap in youths’ contributions to national development. “The youths are always referred to as the leaders of tomorrow. The youths can be referred to as the nation’s backbone and have a higher success rate to change the dynamics to have a new model modification in the society. The youths are needed to serve as the lubricants for wheels of change and the NYSC Trust Fund presents us that unique opportunity to turn things around in the country.”
He further added that it was a thing of delight for the establishment of the NYSC Trust Fund and indeed a welcome development.
This was the general view of other stakeholders at the symposium. They opined that the NYSC Trust if established, would add bite to the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development initiative of the NYSC through adequate provision of training facilities and required funds for startups.
The visibly elated stakeholders further emphasized the need for the government to expedite action towards establishing the NYSC Trust Fund. They stated that the benefits of the NYSC Trust Fund could not be overemphasized. Emmanuel Bwala, a youth empowerment advocate, noted that the NYSC Trust Fund is long overdue given the strategic importance of the NYSC in national development.
“The NYSC as a scheme has contributed to nation-building over the years, aside from serving as that vehicle for national integration. Therefore, establishing the NYSC Trust Fund would make the scheme robust in delivery to the national development. It is indeed a well thought out initiative that the government must accord all necessary seriousness.”
It would be recalled that the DG of the NYSC, Brig Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, had advocated for the establishment of the NYSC Trust Fund to cater for the financial empowerment of corps members as they pass out of service. He emphasized that the NYSC Trust Fund would help them establish their vocational businesses with the skills they acquired from the NYSC Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development Programme in service.
Also, some stakeholders had lent their support, stating that the establishment of the NYSC Trust Fund would reduce unemployment amongst youths and curb the crime rate in the country.

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