By Godswill Edosa

In the countdown to Tinubu’s inauguration, several disturbing developments are already playing out. Whether real or fake. One such is the report that the President-elect has penciled down Femi Gbajabiamila, the current speaker of the House of Reps, for the position of Chief of Staff. Nothing can be more bewildering coming in the wake of the brouhaha generated by the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the incoming Tinubu presidency.

While Tinubu, as at the time he was handed the APC ticket, did not have control over the faith of who became his party’s national chairman and while he might have little or no room to maneuver his way out of the arm twisting that led to picking a Muslim as running mate, this one about Gbajabiamila, another Muslim, on the way to Chief of Staff seat, is too debilitatingly insulting.

The picture one gets of the incoming Tinubu Presidency, if the Gbajabiamila tale is true, is that of the four topmost offices in the Presidency three had already gone to the Muslims. These four are the President, his Vice, the Secretary to the Government, and the Chief of Staff.

It is a fact that opposition to the Tinubu – Shetima ticket erupted preponderantly among Christians of the nation who justifiably are scared of a Muslim-dominated government after Buhari. A Gbajabiamila as Chief of Staff will only ratify rather than allay the apprehensions of Christians. Does it mean Tinubu does not have a worthy Christian in the entire pool of his associates? Or is it hatred for Christianity as pushed in some quarters?

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